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No Paradigm

This article displays something about Chris Walsh's attitude to psychotherapy.

Therapeutic Alliance

The Therapeutic Alliance with Those Having Both Substance Abuse & Major Mental Illness.

Mindfulness In Individual Cognitive Therapy

Taking advantage of the recent acceptance of mindfulness meditation by cognitive therapists, Chris presented this paper to the 28th National Conference for the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy in April 2005.

Chris's Mindfulness Site

Carmen's Dream

A case study integrating contellation work with ongoing therapy.


Bert Hellinger

Constellations for Organisations


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Introductory Articles:

The Theory Behind Constellations

What happens in a Constellation Workshop?

Preparing for A Constellation Workshop

The Legend of Nasrudin islam
This article shows how, hundreds of years ago, the Sufis recognised the difficulties negotiating between the extremes of overly skeptical thinking and magical thinking. This is a challenge that is highlighted in constellation work. Ken Wilber's "pre-trans fallacy" addresses the same issue. This concept is explained in this article also.

The Door of Compassion Zen
In this piece the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the level of compassion that is possible. Constellation work can bring us one step closer to this ideal.

After Doing Your Own Constellation

Organisational Constellations

Other Articles:

Genealogy & Constellations
Here the popular hobby of researching family history is explored. Chris Walsh gives us brief glimpses of his own family history and with the use of a simple case study shows how family history research can heal, especially with the aid of constellations.

The Pharisees and The Adulteress Articles
Bert Hellinger ’s version of famous story of the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus into openly flouting the law, when they are about to stone an unnamed adulteress. Hellinger uses it to demonstrate the value of compassion for perpetrators as well as victims.

Lamed Vovnik - Bowing to Fate Articles
This article draws on the Jewish legend of the Lamed Vovnik - 36 compassionate people who wander the face of the earth feeling people's pain but unable to actively relieve it. Nonetheless, according to the legend, it is because of them that we can all continue to exist.

Hunter Beaumont on Youth Suicide

Changing Self Within Family of Origin This article draws on the work of Murray Bowen, one of the fathers of modern family therapy. It outlines active strategies you can adopt in relating with your family of origin to optimise relationships. This approach complements that of Hellinger quite well.

The Wizard and the Alchemist This piece is written by Denis Ladbrook, who is Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Western Australia. It is a reflection on his first exposure to this work, which was facilitated by Jakob and Sieglinde Schneider

Comic Teaching Tales of Mulla Nasrudin islam

An Introductory Video Jes Benstock explores his family history of migration, breakdown and suicide in an attempt to free his young son from his family's complex legacy.

Journal Articles & Book Reviews:

Stiefel I, Harris P, & Zollman WF 2002, Family Constellation - A Therapy Beyond Words ANZJFT,23:38-44

This is an academic article on Family Constellations published in the Australia and New Zealand of Family Therapy(ANZJFT) in 2002.

Love's Hidden Symmetry (Review)
by Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber and Hunter Beaumont.

Acknowledging What Is (Review)
by Bert Hellinger and Gabriele Ten Hoevel.

Practitioner Resources:

Articles from the Human Systems Institute These are excellent technical articles written by leading practitioners such as Gunthard Weber, Berthold Ulsamer and Eva Madelung

Constellation Talk Click here to register for an email discussion group for therapists and constellation practitioners

Books and Videotapes

Carl Auer (Germany)

----Australia: Footprint Books will supply for workshops
--------Victoria: Kathryn Barker Qld: Preeti Helena

----USA: Zeig Tucker & Theison

The Knowing Field formerly known as The Systemic Solutions Bulletin is an English language journal with articles of interest about the Hellinger approach to family constellations. To subscribe click here

German Language Journals

Praxis der Systemaufstellung

Systemische AufstellungsPraxis

Using Figures for Family Constellations with Individual Clients by Jakob Schneider

Dolls For Constellations in Individual Therapy